Who would be the mysterious female unsub?

After the renewal of Criminal Minds for a Season 13, fans have one less thing to worry about and can come back to theories on – Who framed Reid?

Fans were incredibly surprised by the plot twist at the end of episode 12×19 “True North”, that aired last Wednesday on CBS. If you have not  watched yet, you may want to take a break to see what happened in Reid’s storyline before continue….

giphy (1)

If you have seen it you already know what we want to talk about: the female unsub (yes, a woman!). Spencer remembered of her during another cognitive interview attempt mediated by his colleague Dr. Tara Lewis.


After this scene everyone is wondering if Mr. Scratch would still be involved in everything that happened to Reid, and if he really is the mentor. Unfortunately, we will only know if there is or there is not a connection with Mr. Scratch at the end of the season. However, something at least curious jumped in  front of the eyes of Criminal Minds BR team, after read the press release from episode 12×20 “Unforgettable”.

Taking a look at the list of guest starss in this next chapter of the show, we saw the presence of Gia Mantegna, daughter of Joe Mantegna. For those who do not remember, Gia played “Lindsey” Vaughan in “3rd Life”, episode 12 of season 3. Here’s a picture of the character to refresh your memories.


Uh? What? Why is the appearance of this girl so interesting?

During all that time, from year 3 to year 12 of the series (which are 9 years in Criminal Minds seasons and can be over 9 years in real time), Lindsey’s life must have changed a lot. However, that moment in the high school toilet, in which her father pulled the trigger even with Reid’s attempts to argue and dissuade him, was extremely striking and may have definitely influenced her future.


Reid tries to stop “Jack” Vaughan, Lindsey’s father, from killing his daughter’s kidnapper

For those who do not remember the episode, BAU goes to California when two teenagers are kidnapped and one of them is dead. The team works to profile the captor, but the enigmatic father of the surviving girl interferes with the investigation. Eventually, the team learn that he and his daughter are in the Witness Protection Program because the father is an important witness in a case over the McCrellan Corporation, a predominantly Irish mob in Boston.


Many people claim that this mysterious female unsub in Reid’s memory would be Catherine “Cat” Adams, from episode 11 of season 11, “Entropy.” We believe it is not Cat and we place our bets on “Lindsey”. She’s back after all these years and it may be the unsub that turned Spencer’s life into hell, after we did not hear from her in 218 episodes of the show.


The woman in Reid’s memory – Does she look like “Lindsey”?

Just to make it clear, this is a theory based on the press release document of the episode and some little tips, among them is what Executive Producer Erica Messer said about the return of an unsub that “will deliver a blast from the BAU’s past” (read this report here).

This information is left for you to think and to create the most diverse conspiracy theories that would explain the function of “Lindsey” Vaughan in this new episode and, perhaps, in the arc that extends until the end of the season.

Our sincere apologies to Criminal Minds producers, but this is a very significant scoop for us to selfishly hold with our select group of fans.

Written and edited by: Dayana Alves Coelho

Press Release Source: CBS Express

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